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"One World, One Light will have you dancing 'till you drop."
Nancy Maes - Chicago Tribune
"It would be difficult to stand still while listening to the songs of Nelson Gill."
Cheri Bentrup - Pioneer Press
"Out of obscurity arrives another musical genius who is a national superstar in his native Central American country of Belize."
Earl Calloway - Defender
"While listening to Gill is certainly a cultural experience, its primary effect is an irresistible urge to dance!"
Family Fun
"Rediscover the different cultures of the Caribbean with Nelson Gill's second recording 'Friends.' Rhythms of othe Caribbean again dominate this outstanding recording."
Chicago Parent Magazine
"Nelson Gill's recordings have much appeal... Aside from their educational value these upbeat and rhytmical songs are pure fun."
American Library Association
"Gill is a fine, knowing musician first, and an understanding educator second. Because of that, his "children's music" has an authenticity that little radar's respond to... and adults can dance right along with the kids. So feel free to bring his recordings home."
"Nelson Gill's hit song 'Big Farm' has taken Belize by storm."
Amandala, Belize